Money House

Hi, and welcome. My name is Eda and I’m a new mum in my early thirties, living with my husband and little one. I started this blog with the hope of helping and inspiring parents to be able to find new ways of generating extra income for their families. For me personally, I will take on these opportunities to supplement my regular salary since making the decision to go back to work part-time after having my baby. However, there could be all sorts of reasons why you might want to earn extra money and this blog aims to help you with that.

I write from the perspective of a new mum who enjoys her profession, but now wants to have a better work-life-financial balance than going back to work full-time and paying for childcare will provide. As I know, and have met, lots of other mums in the same boat, I am sharing this information with them so they can get the same benefits from finding themselves flexible work opportunities. However, it is just as relevant to dads, or anyone else who would like to earn some extra cash generated online or through their smartphone.

The online world offers a wealth of genuine earning opportunities, and using equipment that most of us have at home, there are ways to make money that can be done at any time, and in a lot of cases, from any place. There is also a lot of fake and time wasting drivel out there that can sometimes look pretty convincing. Before writing my posts rest assured that I have already sorted through the dross and only write about the good stuff after trying and testing it for myself! The MfM ratings included for each opportunity will help you see at a glance how much I think it is worth pursuing. I will also use any questions from comments, emails or the Money for Mummy social pages to create follow up Q&A posts so please get in touch!

I really hope you enjoy the blog and look forward to hearing from you lovely readers about how you get on with your own money making journies.

All the best,